Sayefa Khatun, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Sayefa Khatun, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Beauty pageants are good with diversity. They also serve as a good platform to promote Government policies related to youth, business and the creative industry, among others. Taking part in this competition calls for courage, and this means stepping out of one’s comfort zone. People mostly focus on the beauty part, but it goes beyond that. Beauty queens represent a whole lot of things but most importantly look out for the good of society.

Sayefa Khatun, who recently participated in the Miss India Mission Dreams beauty pageant 2023 answered few questions in an interview conducted by Mission Dreams team.

  1. Tell me about your self.

Answer: I’m Sayefa, currently I’m staying in Pune. I’m a software engineer by profession. So, the thing is I’m participating in Mission dreams Miss India 2023 because this is the platform where I can showcase my talent, passion towards modelling. Apart from this I like to do dancing and panting in my free time. And the best thing in me which makes me different from others that I never get tired of following my passion and Mission dreams Miss India is the best way for the young generation to stand out so, here I’m and I believe myself that I can definitely show the inner me by my hard work and dedication.

2. Why do you think that you are the best candidate?

Answer: First of all Mission Dreams Miss India is the best platform where the young generation can showcase their talent so, here I’m to show myself that how I’m confident and passionate about it. Definitely this platform searching who is passionate about there dreams so, I think I’m deserving because I can fight for my dreams.

Being a Muslim it’s going to be hard for me, I have struggle for this type of opportunities and finally I got it so, I guess I’m making it for real in my life. As well as I want to represent the youth mainly girls and also the Muslim community. I believe, I’m very much capable for Mission Dreams Miss India 2023.

3. Tell us about a challenge that you experienced and how you overcome it?

Answer: When I got my first period that time was very difficult for me. I have faced a situation when I didn’t know how to deal with it, even I didn’t have any idea about it. But that time my mother helped me a lot to deal with it and teach me about this things and then I learned that every child should be aware about menstrual cycle so that they can face this challenges easily by themselves.

4. What celebrity do you idolize?
Answer: My Idol is Shahrukh khan. I adore him a lot because of his handwork. How passionate he is towards his work. The way he struggled in his entire life and still he is doing his best.

5. What is first thing you will do after the pageant is over?

Answer: Once the pageant is over I will look for other opportunities to be in this field and achieve my goal in modelling and acting. I do not want to give up. I believe Mission Dreams will be the stepping stone to my career and I would like to chase more such chances ahead.

Mission Dreams believe who take part in these contests need to be given proper training for them to be articulate enough; this will give them the ability to express and represent themselves in the best way. Such women put emphasis on public speaking and address youth problems and societal issues. We look forward to grooming them and training them to the best of their capability and bring out the best individuals in them.

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