“For anyone looking for summer styling tips, remember not to ignore crop tops”

“For anyone looking for summer styling tips, remember not to ignore crop tops”

For anyone looking for summer styling tips, remember not to ignore crop tops. Not only because they leave space for the skin to breathe, but also because they’re super cute, super sexy and so on-trend. With so many iterations of the basic crop top floating in the fashion market (think puff sleeves, bandeau tops, halterneck and off shoulder), there’s one for every style and mood. 

1. Crop top with a denim jacket

Deepika Padukone crop top

Before you all come at me, let me clarify that this style is not advisable to Delhi peeps in the city’s unforgiving weather. But for the rest of you, this is one style tip you shouldn’t skip. Take out those crop tops and throw an oversized denim jacket or blazer on top. 

2. Crop top under a sheer top 

Deepika Padukone crop top

If you’re someone who keeps a track of what’s trending in the fashion circles, you already know what a rage these sheer tops are. And it goes without saying that you have to style them with your sexiest bralette or a crop top

3. Crop top with a skirt   

Crop top with a skirt

A crop top is not strictly a top, but can also mean a button down shirt that’s cropped to show off those abs. Now this Zendaya look is why we say that a classic white cropped shirt and skirt, when styled like hers, is a no-brainer. 

4. Crop top under a dress 

Deepika Padukone white tee

Worn a dress multiple times but still can’t let go of it? We have a fashionable solution. Slip that white or black crop top under that dress for a chic update. 

5. Crop top with bike shorts 

Celebs in crop tops

A lot of fashion articles have been written in praise of the biker shorts, a trend that’s showing no signs of letting up, even in 2022. So, today, we’re not saying you pick any crop top and pair it with bike shorts, but are specifically referring to those body-hugging, cropped sleeved tops with cute embroideries/print (Y2K for the win), which look delicious with cycling shorts. 

6. Crop top with lehengas or sarees 

Sara Ali Khan black lehenga

I’m sure this is not groundbreaking at all since a lot of us have been doing it for quite a while now. Though yes, we’d suggest you all keep doing it. It’s the best way to save those extra bucks and also, with such pretty options available with ruffled sleeves, strappy bralettes and embellished ones, who needs a choli (in the traditional sense of the word)!

7. Crop top on top of shirts 

Sara Ali Khan black lehenga