Sanjana Sanghi Talks about her Monsoon Mumbai Auditions

Sanjana Sanghi Talks about her Monsoon Mumbai Auditions

Like other Bollywood actors, Sanjana Sanghi also discloses her stories, especially from monsoon auditions. She said that rains in the city of Mumbai have different magic compared to other cities. “All my favorite audition stories are from monsoon only,” she said.

The actor added, “I remember hopping from one audition to another while being new to Mumbai. The toughest thing to get, when it pours, is the auto-rickshaw. So, when I was new to the city, a teenager, I would be trying to get one, while on the streets balancing myself and the umbrella in the strong winds and the rains. It’s like a circus managing umbrella, getting off the rick, and paying your rickshawala at the same time while it pours. Knowing you are going to get wet in the rains, I would carry a pair of extra clothes with me and change before going to the audition.”

Nowadays, when is driven to the sets and in fact, for everything, she feels pleasant seating at the back of the car and enjoying watching the rains outside. On the account of that, she comments, “Yes, when you have driven around, then you can enjoy the rains better (Laughs!). Monsoon is so much exciting. I have fun hanging out with my friends, sipping on garam chai, and having piping hot samosas.” She compared the challenging moments with today’s time, somehow.

Earlier, on July 26, the Dil Bechara actor shared a note on Instagram for her maternal grandmother and gave signs for people to know from where she gets the inspiration. Adding on, Sanjana wrote, “You were one of the only girls from your village in Gujarat to go ahead and get a degree in Science at your time, and girls going after education and independence before anything else meant the world to you.”

Further, she added, “It was my first day of college. The day you had always spoken so much about and insisted me to celebrate.” The actor described her ‘phenomenal’ grandmother as her ‘biggest inspiration’, stating that none could ever be as brilliant as her.