Sara sheikh, Mission Dreams Miss India 2024 Semi Finalist

Sara sheikh, Mission Dreams Miss India 2024 Semi Finalist

1.Do you want to be a celebrity or Public figure ?

Yes I want be a very successful celebrity because I’m seeing this dream from my childhood whenever I’m only 9 years old I love Fasion I’m very passionate and serious for my work and I’m doing very hard work my mother do everything for us in her all good bad situation I want be inspiration for all mother who alone in her life and doing hardworking for there childs and inspiration there childrens too that whtever situation is doesn’t matter just u do ur best for ur dreams and achieve gouls too.

2.How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Confident, crazy, hardworking, gratitude and fashionable too.

3.What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

when my mumma’s smile 🙂 because in my view her smile is most important for me and I knw when she’s smile I do my best for her smile ..
make me so scared that I’m just just thinking to lose her I can’t imagine it I really ignore that reality because I’m tooo too too scared with this thinking .

4.What would you like remembered about you?

A girl who decide her destiny and make her dream come true for herself .

5.Are you planning to be in any commercial movies?

Yes I’m planning one commercial movie on my mom or my life story not now when I’m totally achieve my goals and success than I make one movie on me or my mom from starting to success how much we struggle, hardwork , etc and be a inspiration for all over world .

6.What’s the most special talent you have?

Every time I go for test , audition, interview etc I always select I love my seriousness for my work and good understanding anything according to another .

7. Who inspired you and why ?

Always my mom , she is very hardworking , powerful, boost me every time motivate me like whenever I feel low she motivate don’t worry thats happened in everyone life be powerful and do ur work like h do every time try ur best all time .

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