“TAKE UP SAPCE, AND CEMENT YOURSEL”, – Limpho Lebesa- Mission Dreams Beauty Pageant Finalist

“TAKE UP SAPCE, AND CEMENT YOURSEL”, – Limpho Lebesa- Mission Dreams Beauty Pageant Finalist

Limpho Lebesa, derives from Lesotho, currently staying in India. Limpho at Chandigarh University is studying BSc Travel and Tourism Management.
Her modelling journey began in late 2019, she got an invite to a shoot, and everything did go well, and that was the start button of her dream turning to reality. She says, “It was terrifying though. I was working with experienced models and that made me feel shy and a bit uncomfortable but I later relaxed and everything fell into place. In early 2020, I participated in my first beauty pageantry, and I was in the top 5. I later participated in a runway fashion competition and I won the second prize, this really did boost my confidence way more than I thought, and since that day I have been pushing like never before. My favourite runway was ‘THE UNSCRIPTED FASHION EXPERIENCE’, I was one of the 30 models that rocked the runway, and I won’t complain, I loved every bit of it.”

Coming from a single parented family (mother), has taught her a lot of things, mostly hard work. One does not get to have things come easy, you have to work really hard for what you want. “A dream can stay a dream or you can turn it into your reality” it is always up to you. She is very ambitious in her modelling journey, “I might be living in the moment but it’s only the beginning, because I am not where I want to be yet.”

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey

Limpho furthe adds, “All of the ladies in this competition are deserving of the crown. We are all Queens with invisible crowns, competing for a visible crown. Each and every queen in this competition is unique and they stand out with their beauty. The only thing that makes me unique is my way of doing things as of course we have different methods of understanding and managing things. Winning the MD Miss India Historic Season 2 would be an honour.
When I took the decision to participate in MD Miss India Historic Season 2, I was a bit nervous, but I asked myself, “if not now, when? If not me who?” I joined this competition because I wanted to proof to myself that whatever I put to mind I could accomplish. It’s not about the color of my skin, my body type or where I am from. It’s about me putting in effort and working hard for what I want to achieve.
I feel that I have a responsibility to brush the thoughts of all girls doubting their skin color and being afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone or hiding place. “Once you are comfortable in your own skin, nothing else matters” and it is not easy to be discouraged. As much as I want to inspire others to love and be confident enough to kick start their dreams into reality, I am still learning a lot of things and I am also inspired by models who came out of their comfort zones to help us feel comfortable in our own bodies and skin, and once I grabbed the concept, it became my responsibility to pass it on to other beautiful ladies, who are still struggling to find themselves.”

Limpho wants to break the stereotype that, Beauty contests have always been a subject of controversy. Some see them as platforms used to demean women by portraying them as ‘objects’. Others are of the view that beauty pageants pose a challenge to women as they subject themselves to judgment based on their physical appearance. She believes these pageants have a serious role to play in empowering women. Mission Dreams avails young girls with numerous opportunities.

She says beauty contests have an impact on women empowerment because they give a platform for the girls to be heard on different levels, and most importantly, it places them in leadership and mentorship roles.

Beauty pageants are channels of various public campaigns or behavior change, the fact that these girls get a chance to be part of this, places women at the forefront of building our country.

“Beauty is part of what they consider but there are also other values like culture and one’s intellect that the judges look out for. I think people choose to misinterpret the relevance of beauty contests but their significance is evident to everyone. The girls that take part in these contests turn out to be responsible young women who engage in activities that build the country.


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