Aakriti Upadhayay, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Aakriti Upadhayay, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Beauty pageants considers beauty contests as a platform with a huge impact on women empowerment. The lives of the girls who take part receive a huge transformation, contestants acquire public speaking skills. The other thing is that this platform helps these young girls take on responsibility at an early age; they come up with projects that build our society.

Beauty contests have an impact on women empowerment to a certain extent. Even after the contest, the winner is given a chance to work on that project that helps the community at large. With those examples, we believe they have an impact on women empowerment.

Aakriti Upadhayay answered a few questions that was asked by the internal Mission Dreams team. Below are the few answered questions by the contestant:

  1. Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this title.

Answer: My skill set is a perfect match for the title requirements. In particular, my knowledge, Personality make me an ideal candidate for the position. 

2. What makes you stand out from the other contestants?

Answer: What makes me unique, is my years of experience in this field of work. I have had many years of experience, but I find that there is always something new to learn. I take time with my work, learn from it and am determined to make myself a better individual from it.

3. Why should we choose you from the other contestants?

Answer: I should be chosen from the other contestants because I stand ready to serve my community and be the best in all that I do.

4. Why did you decide to compete in this pageant?

Answer: To challenge myself to perform under the spotlight and communicate through dance under pressure

  • To have skills in public presentation and performance
    To be a better public speaker and communicator
  • To impact more people

5. What do you think is the biggest problem facing young people today?

Answer: Social media has both negatives and positives and is a staple in today’s culture. Cyberbullying is at an all-time high and with hackers and people wanting to go viral, there poses a lot of threats to young teens on social media. With my platform, I am encouraging a safe space for individuals on social media to create, share, and express themselves freely while communicating with others online.

Mission Dreams believes that beauty contests have an impact on women empowerment. It is one of the platforms where young women seek guidance regarding their career. This platform goes beyond beauty; these young girls get a chance to exploit their talent through the projects they develop. This platform can teach women to speak in public, thus boosting their confidence to assume positions in different places.

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