Shrutikirtti Das, Mission Dreams Miss India Finalist 2023

Shrutikirtti Das, Mission Dreams Miss India Finalist 2023

Beauty Pageants are a way girls can learn important life skills while also having fun. It’s a way to learn the difference between winning and losing and also gaining friendships. Beauty Pageants are encouraging as competitions, that bring out the best in young women. Women empowerment does not come in one form, it comes in many forms. One thing can be considered to be empowerment for one woman but the other might not see how it can be considered as empowerment. 

Shrutikirtti Das, a contestant participated in the Mission Dreams Miss India 2023, answered few questions in the Interview conducted by Mission Dreams.

  1. Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this title.

Answer: All the girls whom I’m competing against today are confident, beautiful and hardworking but what really sets me apart from them and the reason why I should win is that I recognize that this is a job and my responsibility for this job requires me to market this pageant as any good spokesmodel would.

2. Why did you decide to compete in this pageant?

Answer: My purpose of entering the pageant is to gain more confidence, influence the children, youth Indians who don’t have enough confidence to walk to show everyone who they really is and most importantly to be a role model in my fellow youth because showing our flaws our imperfections would be a great help for us to build our confidence and to face a crowd.

3. What’s the first thing you will do after the pageant is over?

Answer: The first thing I will do when the pageant is over is congratulate all the other contestant and let them know what a great job they did. I will thank all the mentors who would have taught me new things and be grateful to them.

4. Talk about your plans, interests, and how you will obtain your future.

Answer: By profession I’m a computer science engineer. But my passion is dancing, acting and modeling so I want to focus on my passion and pursue my passion along with the already build up career that I have.

5. Will you hire a pageant coach to help you prepare apart from our in-house groomers & trainers?

Answer: Yes certainly, I will hire a pageant coach. I believe a reputable coach draws on his/her education, experience and knowledge base to objectively assess your qualities, assist you in identifying and maximizing your strengths, help you establish a plan for reaching your objectives, and refine and perfect your pageant performance.

Mission Dreams beauty pageant foray lives of successful and powerful women who strive to bring out the best in themselves and are willing to get a stepping stone to live up to their dreams.

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