Umang Kumar chavda, Mission Dreams Mr India 2023 Finalist

Umang Kumar chavda, Mission Dreams Mr India 2023 Finalist

1.Do you want to be a celebrity or Public figure ?

I think I don’t wanna be celebrity or public figure. I just start my career as a model and grow up as a successful model.

2.How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Deciplined, energetic, young talent, passionate, driven individual

3.What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

My childhood memories make my face always smiley. Some beautiful memories with All my friends and my brothers. I don’t think anything scares me but losing some special peoples can deeply affect me.

4.What would you like remembered about you?

If I’m talking about myself I always like the journey of my life. my childhood in monestery to my teenage day and now I’m a as successful and happiest person.

5.Are you planning to be in any commercial movies?

No. I am not planning about it right now. but in the future I can be.

6.What’s the most special talent you have?

Umm.if I talk about my talent I m sports persons. So no doubt I’m a master in karate .On the other hand I can do cricket.

7. Who inspired you and why ?

My inspiration is akshay kumar. If I remember childhood to till now I have seen him often and I wanna be like him.

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