Kanishka Swami, Mission Dreams Mrs India 2023 Finalist

Kanishka Swami, Mission Dreams Mrs India 2023 Finalist

1.Do you want to be a celebrity or Public figure ?

Yes , Well, I don’t know whether I really wanna be a public figure or not but I really want to do something that great in my life that when I die,I feel like I have done something worth it in my life. I want to be proud of myself. I believe in myself and I know one day I’ll be able to achieve whatever I want to.

2.How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

I’m a learner & hardworking person , I’m a people person .

3.What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

I’m a dog & child lover whenever I see them I always smile !!

My biggest fear is that I am not good enough. I worry that I’ll never be able to measure up to other people’s expectations or achieve the things I want to in life. This fear can sometimes hold me back from taking risks or trying new things because I’m afraid of failing.”

4.What would you like remembered about you?

Being dependable, calm, focused and trustworthy is how I want to be remembered .

5.Are you planning to be in any commercial movies?

See I have no plans but If I’ll get a chance, I will do it .

6.What’s the most special talent you have?

Well I’m into many things I’m into running / yoga
I’m a resin artist , candle artist, professional baker recently I’ve recently joined Kathak classes like I said I’m a learner.

7. Who inspired you and why ?

My father & husband inspired me a lot !! Being a farmer my father has encouraged me to always do my best, and to be the best person I can be.
Sadly , I lost him in covid I just want to dedicate the crown to him

Being an Army wife
He inspire me everyday to be the best version of myself.

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