Anjali Manhas, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Anjali Manhas, Mission Dreams Miss India 2023 Finalist

Beauty pageants are good with diversity. They also serve as a good platform to promote Government policies related to youth, business and the creative industry, among others. Taking part in this competition calls for courage, and this means stepping out of one’s comfort zone. People mostly focus on the beauty part, but it goes beyond that. Beauty queens represent a whole lot of things but most importantly look out for the good of society.

Anjali Manhas, who recently participated in the Miss India Mission Dreams beauty pageant 2023 answered few questions in an interview conducted by Mission Dreams team.

  1. Why should we choose you from the other contestants?

Answer: I am a confident human being with an optimistic nature. I deserve to be a part of this pageant because I look for the betterment of the society. Taking part in such pageant calls for courage and stepping out of comfort zone and I am a good fit for that as I am ready to take challenges.

2. Talk about a few of your accomplishments, challenges you’ve overcome, and/or traits about yourself that make you good for the role.

Answer: I am an extrovert and confident women. I always like to help out my colleagues in every situation they have been put into. My good demeanor is basic need for this role. Moreover being a captain of my class for atleast 12 years have given me much more confidence and ability to attract audience. I believe people mostly focus on the beauty part, but it goes beyond that.

3. Why did you decide to compete in this pageant?

Answer: I decided to participate in this to fulfil my dreams and to become a role model for other girls like me who have a lot of hidden talent in them but sometimes need a moral support to outshine. Participating in pageant we get exposed and get to dig deep and search for our potential, discovering who we are and what we are capable of in the process. I will utilize this platform to spread awareness and address current issues among the youth.

4. Tell us about yourself.

Answer: I am challenging person. My strength is my family and my mother is my ultimate support. She is the reason behind everything. My father is a most selfless human being and also me. I am confident, dedicated and will overcome every obstacles in my life.

5. What celebrity do you idolize?

Answer: I admire “Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu and Tara Sutaria”. I admire, idolize and worship them as my role models, because I consider them as important, powerful and famous, and because a great number of people know about them and they are strong in voicing their opinions.

Mission Dreams believe who take part in these contests need to be given proper training for them to be articulate enough; this will give them the ability to express and represent themselves in the best way. Such women put emphasis on public speaking and address youth problems and societal issues. We look forward to grooming them and training them to the best of their capability and bring out the best individuals in them.

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