Palchinn bhoi, Mission Dreams Miss India 2024 Finalist

Palchinn bhoi, Mission Dreams Miss India 2024 Finalist

1.Do you want to be a celebrity or Public figure ?

Yes because It’s much more important to me to be known and respected than it is to be famous (or infamous). I want my name to mean something when someone says it. But I don’t want to be known for myself. I want to be known for my work .

2.How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

hardworking , bold , confident , a dreamer , believer .

3.What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

my sucess is the reason i smile and being unsuccessful in my life is my biggest fear .

4.What would you like remembered about you?

I want to be remembered as a kind person .

5.Are you planning to be in any commercial movies?

Yes, I want to become an actress since childhood because I love acting and acting is my favorite hobby.

6.What’s the most special talent you have?

my most special talent is modelling, modelling is not just a talent . It’s is my reason to express my emotions .

7. Who inspired you and why ?

my parents inspired me in my life always because they are the only person in my whole world who always supported and motivate my to achieve my goals. They always say nothing your hand without hard work so , believe in your hard work . Never ever lose hope in your life .

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