Dr.Aadesh Nikhil, Mission Dreams Mr India 2023 Finalist

Dr.Aadesh Nikhil, Mission Dreams Mr India 2023 Finalist

1.Do you want to be a celebrity or Public figure ?

yes, Absolutely, because it’s one my big aspiration/goal & I am also Childhood artist & already done some serials, commercial movies in South, hence I would like to become the world’s best Celebrity or legend .

2.How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Multitasking, Stylish, confident, disciplined and hardworking.

3.What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Achieving my Big goals & some peaceful movement of my life that makes me smile and the fear is about my Mom’s health, which makes me scares me.

4.What would you like remembered about you?

Being humble & Human kind most of the time & also about my childhood .

5.Are you planning to be in any commercial movies?

Off course, As I mentioned in earlier statement, I have already done in some Serials & commercial movies of South.. hence, I would like to pursue big commercial projects or movies .

6.What’s the most special talent you have?

My Talents are being multilingual, multitasking, dancing, singing, anchoring in English, judging programs & office events as well in some shows..

7. Who inspired you and why ?

One of my biggest inspiration is my Mom
who taught me being humble, she being a single parent she nurtured & brought up me & my sister in a relevant manner, appropriate nature & also to be Honest forever .

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